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When we pray we cannot remain unchanged

The Angelus

" The Angelus" - Jean-François Millet (1857-1859)
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'True prayer is a creation. When you pray you are not simply asking for help from the boss or the chairman of the board because he is in a position to give you something, or applying to your bank manager for a loan; you are not simply begging for a friendly glance from a woman. No, you will never gain much from that kind of prayer, because the people you are praying to are on the same level and have the same failings as yourself.

True prayer creates a link with the most sublime of all Beings, the Creator of heaven and earth. When we pray to this sublime Being we are creating a bond with Him, with his immensity, his infinity, and thanks to this bond we can make contact with and capture elements of the higher worlds and bring them back into our everyday world, for the benefit of all creatures.

For this is something that you must realize: the elements, particles and ‘electrons’ of this sublime region are so powerful that, even if you manage to capture only one, it will work unimaginable transformations!

You will feel it vibrating within you as it purifies, enlightens and heals you and restores harmony to your whole being; and this beneficial, radiant state of harmony will influence all those you come in contact with, and they, too, will begin to be transformed.

Even the weakest, most destitute of human beings possesses this atom of prayer and has the power to work with it… This atom of prayer is the only thing that can remedy every situation, but you must give it some work to do, otherwise you will simply have to put up with whatever was planned for you. The power of this atom is in the psychic dimension, that is to say, in the area of your thoughts and emotions.

When you pray, even if nothing changes in your external circumstances, you cannot remain unchanged.'

Prayer at dawn

"Prayer at dawn" - Painting © Jan Calderwood
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