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Catalog Prosveta 2019
Catalog Prosveta 2019

We all have a twin soul


Woman Before A Mirror

"Woman Before A Mirror",
- Luis Alvarez Catala (1878)
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'Every human being has a twin soul. When humans first sprang, like flames or sparks, from the bosom of the Creator, they were two in one, and these two parts completed each other perfectly; each one was the perfect half of the other. Yes, in the beginning, humans were both man and woman, complete beings we call androgynous.
Later on, over the course of evolution, the two poles of this unity – the positive and negative – divided. That is when the separation of the sexes took place, and each half left to evolve his or her own part separately. If these two halves are able to recognize one another during their evolution, it is because they each bear the image of the other within the depths of their being; each one is marked by the seal of the other.
So everyone has the image of their twin soul inside them. This image is very hazy but it exists. It is why each person comes to earth with the vague hope of meeting a soul somewhere who will provide everything he or she needs and that there will be an indescribable harmony and bonding between them. '


Extract from ‘Hope for the World : Spiritual Galvanoplasty ’
(Chap. 1 - 'Man and woman, reflections of the masculine and feminine principles')
Hope for the World : Spiritual Galvanoplasty
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