Only a high ideal brings fulfilment

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Seul un haut idéal apporte la plénitude - DVD Pal


Video lecture in French — Subtitles in 12 languages - DVD PAL - Length: 40'

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'Happiness is like a ball: you keep kicking it and running after it, and just as you are about to catch it, you kick it again... and start running after it all over again. Yes, it is the chase that stimulates you. It is in the quest, in the pursuit of a goal that you find happiness.
When you get something you want, of course, you are happy for a little while, but that satisfaction is soon followed by a feeling of emptiness, and you start to want something else. Your satisfaction never lasts. So what is the answer? The answer is to set out in pursuit of the farthest and most inaccessible goal: perfection, immensity and eternity. In pursuing this goal, you will find all the things you desire: knowledge, wealth, power and love. Yes, you will find these things without even asking for them.'

Subtitles in 12 languages
Deutsch / English / Español / Français / Italiano / Norsk / Polski / Português / Русский / Română / Български / Českỳ

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