Meditation themes 2020

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Meditations 2020

Themes of meditations by Éditions Prosveta for 2020

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Meditations 2019

Themes of meditations by Éditions Prosveta for 2019

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Meditations 2018

Themes of meditations by Éditions Prosveta of 2018

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Meditations 2017

Themes of Meditations by Éditions Prosveta for 2017

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The Body of Glory, Body of Resurrection

Jesus did not rise with his physical body. No, he appeared with his etheric body, his body of glory.

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Silence: restoring positive currents

Get into the habit, therefore, of restoring silence within yourself several times a day. Even if you can spare only a minute or two...

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The Third Eye: being in touch with the divine world

The third eye is an antenna which allows us to enter into communication with the divine world.

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The Kundalini Force

The Kundalini force goes up by the Soushoumna channel. It is the most powerful of all forces because it can destroy as well as create.

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