Daily Meditation: Thursday, March 25, 2010

Master, spiritual - we need to refine our perceptions if we are to appreciate his presence

Even when you live in the presence of a great master, it is difficult to understand him or even feel the nature of his presence, the life that is his, because the vibrations of spiritual life elude usual human perception: humans are out of their depths, because they have not developed the centres that would enable them to receive these subtle vibrations. An initiate's vibrations reach only those beings who have developed their higher bodies (the causal, buddhic and atmic bodies). Why? Because these vibrations pass through the physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies without leaving the slightest trace; they make only the higher bodies vibrate. They can be compared to electric currents, which pass through walls without leaving a trace, whereas a missile cannot go through without making a hole. So let that be clear to you: no matter how many spiritual works you read or how many great masters you meet, it will be of no use so long as you have not worked on your spiritual bodies.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
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The Author : Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov