The Universe of Angels

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The Universe of Angels


Reproduction of a painting by Ivano Marchesani (43 x 60 cm)

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“It is the 72 planetary geniuses that make this wheel of life turn. They swim in this Ocean of Light and each color represents a virtue.
In initiatory Science, the color red is the Spirit of Life; the color orange is the Spirit of Holiness; the color yellow gold is the Spirit of Wisdom; the color green is the Spirit of Eternity; the color blue is the Spirit of Truth; the color indigo is the Spirit of Force and purple is a very mystical color, it is the Spirit of All Divine Power and Spiritual Love.
In the center of the spiral we see a triangle with the sacred name of God from which flames erupt. According to Kabbalah no knowledge is superior to knowledge of the Name of God. "
Ivano Marchesani

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