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Visits from angelic beings

'Benevolent entities from the invisible world travel through space, distributing their light and blessings wherever they go. They may pass by you at any moment, and if you are to receive their gifts and messages you must be attentive.
You have certainly had this experience: you were busy with your everyday tasks, thinking of nothing in particular, and suddenly you felt a current, a presence close to you, something alive that brought you light, peace and joy.
And how did you react? At such moments it is important to stop everything you are doing and concentrate on this presence that has come to pay you a visit. These are rare and precious moments, and you must not be negligent and let them slip by.
These heavenly visitors come to teach you, to enrich your life. They are a gift from the divine world, and if you don’t stop and seize their quintessence as soon as they appear to you, all is lost. You can search for them and plead with them all you want, but these entities won’t come back. Or they will come back, but who knows when…
But even if these visits are unexpected, it doesn’t mean the angelic beings make themselves available anywhere and to anyone indiscriminately. Even if they are ready to bring help, relief and joy to all human beings, it is easier for them to visit those who prepare favourable conditions for them.
What do you do when you want to receive a visit from friends?
Sowing Angel

"Sowing Angel" - Armand Cambon (c. 1860)
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You invite them for a meal and prepare something delicious. And when you want to attract birds to your window? You put a bowl of seeds on the windowsill. The best way to attract any creature is to offer them suitable nourishment. This is true on the physical plane, and it is also true on the psychic and spiritual planes.
Inwardly, we continually produce fruits that other creatures feed on, both human creatures and creatures from the invisible world. These fruits are our thoughts and feelings. Depending on the fruits we produce, we attract luminous beings or dark beings, for each seeks the food it needs, and what attracts some will generally repel others. So it is up to us to know which entities we want to attract. If we want to receive the support, comfort and light of angelic beings, we must be able to offer them the only food they appreciate: thoughts, feelings and actions inspired by our love for God and our fellow humans, by kindness, generosity and a spirit of sacrifice.'

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