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True peace

'Peace is not going to be established as soon as all that, for no one really understands it or knows what it really is. Nowadays, a lot of people spend their time accusing others of fomenting war. They think that in this way they are contributing to world peace. Some blame the rich; others say that the fault lies with intellectuals, scientists or politicians. Believers accuse those who are not of their own particular faith of heresies that are leading people to damnation, whereas non-believers accuse religious believers of fanaticism. Look around you and you will see that everyone thinks that if we could just get rid of something or someone else peace would reign in the world. And it is precisely here that everyone is mistaken. Even if humankind managed to get rid of all their armies and all their weapons, the very next day they would find other means of exterminating each other. Peace is something that exists within us; it is an inner state, an inner attitude, and it cannot be established in the world simply by getting rid of externals. First and foremost we have to get rid of the causes of war within us.
Statue of Peace Park

"Statue of Peace Park (Nagasaki)" - © Kitamura Seibô (1955)
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At first sight it might not seem particularly difficult to find peace: all you have to do is go up into the mountains where all is peace and solitude. Yes, but the trouble is that even there people are not wholly at peace because they always have their own little ‘radio’ in their head. Wherever they go their radio goes with them; it is never silent, and what a din it makes! As often as not their inner radio is tuned to infernal stations, and the music they hear is a hellish racket! Outwardly they may be at the top of the highest mountain where all is perfect peace and quiet, but inwardly there is a storm raging. So I ask you once again: how can one find peace?
Strings Attached

"Strings Attached" - © Kathleen M Robison (2018) -
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Once true peace dwells in you nothing can ever dislodge it again. Yes, peace is not a question of feeling at ease, of being calm and carefree for a few minutes; it is something much more profound and much more precious.
Peace, as I have already said, is a result. When all the instruments in an orchestra are perfectly tuned to the same pitch, when all the musicians have already practised under their conductor and learned to know, love and obey him or her, then they can produce extraordinarily harmonious music.
And in a human being, peace is this harmony, this perfect accord that reigns amongst all the various elements, forces, functions, thoughts, feelings and actions...'

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