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The Yoga: be united with the Divinity
The Yoga: be united with the Divinity


'The yogis of India have numerous practices for attempting to become one with the divine in themselves, their higher self. The most well-known are: hatha yoga, the control of gestures and breath; agni yoga, the work with fire in all its forms; shabda yoga, the power of the spoken word; kriya yoga, fusion with the light; karma yoga, selfless and disinterested action; bhakti yoga, sacrifice; raja yoga, self-mastery and jnana yoga, the development of the mind, knowledge. For many years now, I have been telling you about a yoga that brings these all together: surya yoga, or ‘yoga of the sun’. By practising meditation in the mornings at sunrise you make contact with fire, the light, you learn self-mastery, devotion and sacrifice, and you access true knowledge. And one day you will receive from the sun the power of the Word, the living Word. Because the sun speaks, and its speech is the life it communicates to all creatures in the universe. In practising surya yoga, you reject none of the other yogas. On the contrary, and one day you will become complete beings and live in plenitude.'
The Yoga: be united with the Divinity
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Surya-Yoga Jnana-Yoga Hrani-Yoga Agni-Yoga Bhakti-Yoga Hatha-Yoga Raja-Yoga Kriya-Yoga Karma-Yoga

Surya-Yoga: the Yoga of the Sun

Jnana-Yoga: the Yoga of Knowledge
Hrani-yoga: the Yoga of Nutrition
Agni-Yoga: the Yoga of Fire
Bhakti-Yoga: the Yoga of Devotion
Hatha-Yoga: the Yoga of Movements and Breath
Raja-Yoga: the Yoga of Self-Rule and Meditation
Kriya-Yoga: the Yoga of Light
Karma-Yoga: the Selfless Action