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Silence: restoring positive currents

The School of Silence

"The School of Silence" - Jean Delville (1929)
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'Devote some time – even if only a few minutes – several times a day, to replenishing your reserves of silence. Close your eyes, and try to detach your thoughts from your daily preoccupations and turn them upwards, toward the summit, toward the source from which life flows out to the whole universe. Then, when you feel that the usual procession of thoughts and images has stopped running through your mind, say within yourself, ‘Thank you, Lord.’ ‘Thanks’ is the simplest of words but it is capable of melting away all tensions, because when you give thanks you are attuning yourself to heaven, you are breaking out of the narrow circle of self and entering into the peace of cosmic consciousness. Remain in that state of silence for as long as you can, and when you come back into yourself you will feel that some new and very precious elements – elements of serenity, lucidity and strength – have crept into you. And as deep breathing is also a very important factor in calming and harmonizing yourself, when you say, ‘Thank you,’ try to breathe evenly and regularly: draw in a very deep breath and breathe out very slowly until there is not a drop of air in your lungs.
Get into the habit, therefore, of restoring silence within yourself several times a day. Even if you can spare only a minute or two, do so; it is already something. Also, as soon as you begin to feel troubled or uneasy, do it again, even if you find yourself in the street. You can do this perfectly well without calling attention to yourself if you pause in front of a shop window, as though you were looking at something on display, and close your eyes for a few seconds while you try to separate yourself from your surroundings and make contact with the world of harmony and light, before going on your way again. In this way you will neutralize the negative currents that surround you.'

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