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‘Through my teaching, I want to give you some fundamental knowledge about human beings: how they are constructed, their relationship with nature, the exchanges they must make with others and with the universe so they can drink from the springs of divine life.’

Daily Meditation: Sunday, February 10, 2002

Human beings learn through experience and above all they …

Human beings learn through experience and above all they learn from unhappy experiences. Not one of us is spared such experiences and the most important work we can undertake is to stop and draw lessons from every experience in our everyday lives. We will then be able to progress much further along the path of wisdom and equilibrium. How many of us are capable, however, of appreciating these lessons and making the most of them? Some people have the same unhappy experiences over and over and they complain, but still they learn nothing and do nothing to expel the noise and chaos that reign within. Of course they suffer and of course they are not proud of being in this situation, but they are used to living their lives like this and have resigned themselves to it. Well now is the time for them to understand that they must extricate themselves from this state. And in order to do so, every day they must meditate on harmony, love it, aspire to it, establish it within them, in every movement, in every word and in every look.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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