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"is above good and evil but by thinking of good we link to Him"

a centre around which everything within us must organise itself

a presence we must let in

allows us to find the means within ourselves to discover Him

by loving him we open ourselves up to him and receive his love in return

by spiritualizing our own life we find his presence within us and in all beings

equally present in all beings

exists in us only to the extent that we are aware of him

exists in us to the extent that we are conscious of him

exists only for those who are awakened

exists only for those who are awakened

he is present in all manifestations of life

his existence cannot be proven by argument

his image has inevitably evolved over the centuries

is above good and evil

is always the one we are seeking

is even beyond the idea we have of him given by the light

is patient with our faults but impatient with our suffering

is present throughout the universe

is within us, like the father and mother who gave birth to us

it is by searching within that we find him

it is he whom we love through human beings

it is him we love in others

it is through life that we are convinced of his existence

leaves human beings to discover him within themselves

manifestation of his presence within us

on the path that leads to him we will find everything to which we aspire

only our search for him can fulfil us

our place of origin, to which we will return

our point of departure and our destination

proof of his existence is within us

serving him in our neighbour

since the beginning of time, his love has given us everything

surpasses the idea of his likeness to light

that he is invisible does not prove he does not exist

the centre around which human beings must strive to revolve

the higher authority

the impossibility of demonstrating his existence is an argument in his favour

the name given to the Inaccessible, but seeking it is the only thing that will fulfil us

to draw closer to the spiritual sun, read the book of nature

to find him in such a way that we can never lose him

to give up the idea of God who punishes gold rewards

to know Him you need to consciously merge with Him

to taste his presence is more convincing than all explanations

unique source of life, feeds also infernal creatures

we can only know him by merging with him

we can only know him by merging with him

we discover him by deepening our awareness of his existence

we find Him by seeking Him within ourselves

we only know him by merging with his immensity

we share the same nature with him

we will never be able to fathom his mystery

we will only ever see of him traces in all that exists

who is inaccessible is also within us